We are updating our site and answering some of your questions about when we will be back

Recent events internally have set us back a few weeks.  We hope to begin the Napa Farmers market sometime in Nov. and will update this site when return date is confirmed.

We do have some announcements.

First it is with regret that we must close our Sunday Dim Sum offerings until further notice.  This is due to multiple challenges, including rising food costs, declining sales and the person I hired to make the dumplings is old an ill and likely may need a long time to recover.  Replacing her is not an easy task.

We will begin again starting at the Napa Farmers Market with a reduced menu as soon as we can.   I have been informed by many of our wholesalers that the supply and rising costs are going to get much worse over the next 3 to 6 months, so it is not just us.  We are experiencing this now because we are very small Biz with specialty items, however, all restaurants are and will be facing the same issues.


I appreciate your patience and understanding as we move forward in the coming weeks.



Hello Napa Valley.  Memories from Hawaii usually come with the food.  Especially the Poke'.  the simple mix of Island Flavors, it is truely something I missed for quite some time.  Now it is my pleasure to intoduce "iPOKEshack".  This is my way of bringing the flavors of the Hawaiian Islands to Napa Valley, who by the way, has been waiting for this!  Made in Napa with Aloha (love).

platter 1.jpg
What is POKE ?!

Poke (Po-kay) is Hawaii's gift to sushi lovers all over the world.  It means "cut into little pieces" and is a staple in Hawaiian Culture.  Mainly raw fish, seasoned with local ingredients, and served over seasoned rice.  Popular Fish include Yellowtail Tuna, Blue Fin Tuna, Salmon and Octopus.

Consumer Advisory


iPOKEshack uses raw fish in most of our Poke Dishes.  All our Poke Counter items, Signature and Legends Dishes and Made to Order Platters, contain Raw Fish.


Written information regarding the safety of these food items is available upon request.


Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

About Us

Aloha to everyone. 

My name is Mark Mazotti and welcome iPOKEshack.  I can't tell you how thrilled I am to make this Ghost Restaurant (virtual Restaurant) available to Napa.

  This Valley has always been a culimanry delight to both Tourist and Locals alike. 


Our Mission here at iPOKEshack is to provide a great Product,

at a  great price.  Our Poke Bowls and Plates can satisfy even the biggest appetites.


Having been in the Wine and Restaurant Business for Decades of my career,  I decided to hop back into the Restaurant Business Again.   Yes I am crazy (lol) but it follows my passion of Food and Wine.  I have been a fan of Poke since the 1980s , when for a brief time, I lived on Oahu.  Since then I have been making and enjoying Poke.  Over the years certain favorites were requested by friends and family over and over again until I made them.  After making the Poke each time they told me  "Napa needs this kind of Restaurant",  and "there is nothing like it here".  So Finally I tested the waters and low and behold iPOKEshack has begun.


Our concept is new,  Online Restaurant with only Delivery or Pick up.  Also, iPOKEshack is the first all Poke restaurant in Napa.

  There is no dining facility at the Kitchen only Take Out, Delivery and Pop Up Event Pick up.   

Finally!  We have seen comments like these repeately as we have built this business.  I Thank my family for pushing me to do this and making it happen.

  I Thank the community who has shown great support and  I also Thank God for this Blessing! 

So Why did I do a Restaurant Again?  

 It is my wish to bring to my neighbors and friends the flavors of the Islands here on the mainland.  We strive to provide  "da Kine of Poke" that "Grindz"

and "Broke da Mouth" like the locals would say, only here in beautiful Napa.   A big Mahalo to everyone!


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